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9mileshigh's GW2 archive.
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I went chronologically by the number of reblogs:

Congrats to athaso and guild-quarrels2! :D
Thanks for entering, and thanks to every 250+ of you hanging around. <3


akjbfkjs tHANK YOU IGnore him he’s a butt

GW2 Fashion Week

Sylphien, elementalist:



Probably very late for the party, but here we go. I’ve had this setup for a long while and it’s one of my favourite light armour combinations on him. I’m debating a change, but nothing quite caught my eye yet. Wish there were less long skirts and more pants/shorts for light armor guys…

Thank you for 250+ followers!! :D



Goodness I didn’t think you guys would stick around my silly gw2 blog. You’re all awesomE FOR DOING IT ANYWAY!

To thank you more properly, I’m having a mini giveaway. If you reblog this with a close-up (waist and up) of your gw2 toon, I’ll toss a sketch of them your way. I’ll be choosing 2 followers’ reblogs via random generator, by 15th September, 11AM GMT+0.

Again, thank you! :D

I know people are all excited for the colorful, account bound tags


But here’s a good idea:

If you tag up during Tequatl when there’s already a commander in charge


That is all kinds of levels of unneeded.

Nobody cares about your colorful vanity tag when there’s less than a minute in the final burn phase because the turrets don’t know where to exactly fire because of excessive tags that are spread out in ridiculous places.

I know this is probably excitement of “omg i have a tag on this character now” that will probably die down in a bit but seriously



I’m seven levels of amused at my rainbow tag but its primary function is organization, so can we just collectively agree to keep that a thing for the sake of everyone.







draws a million nicos is anybody tired of him yet

these were from a few days ago talking about hypothetical Big Dumb Crush situations and i just. had to ink it tonight. you’re welcome.





Speaking of hypothetical crushes, Nico is a cutie- wait whAT THORNS NO





jack is a Petty Two Year Old and will actively try to sabotage any potential crushes on nico


((omf I saw this reply only now im laughing so hard rn))

I&#8217;m too lazy/tired to draw clothes yolo

I’m too lazy/tired to draw clothes yolo

"I think I’m falling in love with you." It's a whisper stolen from the night, just like Sylphien stole him from his paperwork.


"W-What?" Etaire stutters, fighting the urge to hide behind his fingers. "I u-uh." He finally ducks away, glowing in embarrassment. "Thank y-you…"

"Have you ever even done this before?" Caitria cocks a brow, eyeing Sylphien before tossing him a loaded pistol.

Green eyes widen, his fingers just a little numb where they managed to wrap around the weapon. The safety was probably on, he tells himself.

"No…" he admits, righting the gun to aim it off to the side, experimentally. "If I wanted something dead at a long distance I would usually aim at their vital points with an ice-bolt instead. What am I supposed to try shooting?"

When it&#8217;s cold, is it your hope that keeps you warm?

When it’s cold, is it your hope that keeps you warm?